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3C is now offering a variety of cost-effective services for those who have a project, but need guidance getting it to the next stage! We understand that every show is different & no program can truly be one-size-fits-all. That’s why all services offered by 3C are personalized based on your particular needs, goals and budget! Sit down with our experienced team & let us help you come up with creative solutions to produce, finance & manage your show. Got any questions? Shoot us an email at


Here at 3C, we begin every project with an individualized consultation meeting.

15-Minute Consultation Sessions are FREE - and past that, we offer 45 min & 90 min sessions where we will be able to go further in depth with your work. Prior to your meeting, our team will review all materials submitted to us - a script, design pitches, etc. & come prepared to discuss your personal goals. Some things discussed in your meeting can include:

  • Finding Your Audience: WHO will be coming to see your show? How can you reach them? How can you market your project towards their interests? Who might be interested in financing or sponsoring your production & how can you reach them? How much will your venue cost? How many performances can you do a week?

  • Analyzing What Potential Costs Will You Incur With Your Production: How many Actors/Understudies will you need? Is your show Equity or Non-Eq? How much technical staff will you need? What will your design budget look like?

  • Budgeting Assistance: Together we will begin to build your show's preliminary budget, prioritizing cost-efficiency & your show's artistic endeavors. 

  • Artistic Goals: Why are you doing this project? Are you looking for potential investors? Are you looking to market subsidiary rights? Do you simply want to see you show onstage?

Should you pursue the Reading/Workshop Package, these consultation meetings can be regularly held once a week or multiple times at your show's discretion. 

Jerry Orbach with curtain and music stands


If you and your team have had a successful consulting meeting & wish to explore 3C's services further, we have a number of options available to you. This includes General Management Consulting for your team, where our staff will guide you through the early part of your process - developing contracts, assembling your creative team, structuring your show's production calendar, adhering to specific equity protocol, etc. The option to hire 3C as your show's General Manager is also offered.

If you would like to engage in our Reading/Workshop Program, we offer a wide range of options, including coordinating table reads, 29-hour staged readings & workshops. 3C is based out of The Theater Center, an Off-Broadway theater complex located on the corner of Broadway and 50th, where there are two 199-seat theaters & a 2,000 sq. foot rehearsal studio. Through this program, participants will be able to see their work on an Off-Broadway stage & be given access to the facilities at a significant discount. On site, 3C has access to any materials you might need - tables, chairs, music-stands, select pieces of rehearsal furniture. As you will be on-site, in-person consultations can be made available with staff. In our rehearsal studio, a small invited audience can be accommodated & in either of our

199-seat theaters, an audience can also be accommodated via general admission. Access to lighting & sound design equipment can be made available for workshop productions by hiring a member of our in-house technical staff.

Death by schooling


As a 3C Client, you have the option of either pursuing Marketing Consulting for your team or hiring our in-house Marketing Director for your project. During your first Marketing Consultation Meeting, we will talk to you about developing your project's Digital Marketing Strategy: defining your target audience, reviewing Key Performance Indicators for your campaign (What are your goals? Awareness, cultivating an audience, conversions, etc.) & will review the basics of your website, social media presence and ads. Other subjects that may be covered include: Email Marketing, Optimizing metadata for SEO, Google and Meta Ads, Learning how to track your analytics

If you would like to hire our in-house Marketing Director rather than receive consulting services yourself, we will host regularly scheduled consulting meetings between our team and yours, where we will build out a high-level marketing strategy, review analytics and KPI tracking, discuss strategy with your show's social media manager. Other services can include but are not limited to: building email blasts, optimizing metadata for SEO, placing paid advertisements (search, display & social ads), refining your website's user experience & more! 

Should your team choose to inquire about ADD-ON SERVICES,

that list can be found HERE on our Services Page


According to the Actor's Equity Association (AEA), the total hours allowed to be spent on a staged reading must NOT exceed 29-hours. This includes the entire rehearsal process cumulatively, as well as the final presentation of your work. All 29-hour readings must be registered with the union beforehand & all Equity members must be reported in the initial filing of your paperwork.

These readings must be done with scripts in-hand & without requiring the memorization of your actors. A small invited audience may be accommodated, but no advertisements may be made to the public. A maximum of three performance presentations are allowed & the entire process may not take more than 14 days from beginning to end. 

While we don't require your reading be equity, we encourage non-equity readings follow similar guidelines as well. 

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