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3C Theater Consulting and Management offers innovative and creative methods to cost effectively budget your project without compromising your artistic vision.  
We offer various packages with prices based on the specific long and short term goals for your project.  


Have a project but not sure where to begin? Tell us about your show and in 45 minutes we will offer advice and specific steps on how to get started. 

Come with questions and be ready to take a lot of notes!  
Consultations available in person, via phone, or Zoom.



Tell us about your show and in 90 minutes we will offer advice on the basics of producing; raising money, choosing a venue,  creating a budget, and developing marketing, sponsorship, and PR.  Consultations available in person, via phone, or Zoom. 



You're ready to do a reading, workshop, showcase, or full production. We will help you with the basics such as putting together an artistic team, casting the project, and developing a marketing and PR campaign. We will also help you create a strategic  step by step plan to identify and achieve your artistic goals for the project.  



3C is now offering a cost-effective READING/WORKSHOP PACKAGE for those who have a project, but need guidance getting it to the next stage.

Basic Table Read
Have your work read aloud with actors and your creative team in our large, on-site rehearsal studio. Tables, chairs & casting assistance can be provided.

Staged Reading
See your work either onstage in one of our 199 seat Off-Broadway theaters or in our on-site rehearsal studio. Chairs, music stands & a piano can be provided. On-site stage lights and soundboard may be utilized by hiring members of our in-house technical staff.

AEA 29-Hour Reading
29-hour process of rehearsals & performance on-site in either our rehearsal studio or one of our 199 seat Off-Broadway theaters. Guidance provided for compliance with equity rules. A small invited audience can be accommodated. 

Workshop Staging
Workshop production in one of our 199 seat Off-Broadway theaters. Rehearsal space can be made available, as well as technical assistance provided by our in-house staff. An audience for performances is permitted.


Picture from Toothy's Treasure
Anne L Bernstein Theater with Perfect Crime set



Creating a Budget: Sit down for a consultation meeting with 3C to review your show's particulars - the size of your cast/crew, proposed rehearsal & performance schedule, design elements, promotional costs, etc. From there, our team will build you a personalized budget for your production. Here at 3C, our goal is to find you cost-effective solutions & eliminate unnecessary expenses, so you can spend your money where you really need it.


Casting: Here at 3C, we have access to all of the industry's most popular Casting Platforms. The Theater Center's in-house Casting Director is able to either set you up with access or create your Casting Call for you. You could then review submissions either alone or in a consultation meeting & the 3C Team will coordinate and host your show's audition process.


Contracts: Once your show is cast & your team is ready to be hired, sit down with 3C to review quity rules & discuss the contract elements that will be important to your show's success. It is important to note that the necessary contracts are different depending on the format of your show's presentation.


Press: As your show is nearing its initial presentation, 3C is able to sit down with your team & consider potential pitches to promote your work. We will then be able to walk through the step-by-step of how to construct a press release & provide guidance as to which publications might be helpful to send to.


Funding and Sponsorship Consulting: Via one of your consulting meetings, discuss with our staff potential plans for you to find investors within your own community or come up with creative avenues to pitch sponsorship deals. How do you go about approaching people with your show idea & how do you know who to go to?


Actor's Equity Association (AEA): If it is your first time working with union actors and stage managers, 3C is able to consult with your team to ensure all practices are up to code. Equity Rules vary based on production type & proper filing must be done before you begin rehearsals.


Structuring your Production Calendar: In order to maximize your productivity, 3C will help draft a proposed rehearsal & production calendar.



Marketing Consulting Package: Schedule regular meetings to discuss your project's Digital Marketing Strategy with our in-house Marketing Director, defining your target audience, review Key Performance Indicators for your campaign (What are your goals? Awareness, cultivating an audience, conversions, etc.), review the basics of your website, social media presence and ads. Other subjects that may be covered include: Email Marketing, Optimizing metadata for SEO, Google and Meta Ads, Learning how to track your analytics


Marketing Management: Hire our in-house Marketing Director to handle your project. We will host regularly scheduled consulting meetings between our team and yours, build out a high-level marketing strategy, review analytics and KPI tracking, discuss strategy with your show's social media manager. Other services can include but are not limited to: building email blasts, optimizing metadata for SEO, placing paid advertisements (search, display & social ads), refining your website's user experience & more! 




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